1.5 Percent Increase in City Gas Prizes From NOV 1

Households of Singapore get ready for increase of Tariff of GAS by 1.5 percent starting from first November and ends on January 31, reported by Supplier City Gas in Press Release of Friday oct 28

Prices will increase 0.25 cents per Kilowatt Hour which is changed from 16.60 cent per kWh to 16.85 cents per kWh.

The prices increased due to fuel costs get higher from the previous quarter.

Energy Market Authority gives guidelines regarding Gas Traffic which is than adopted by City Gas,

City Gas reviews the gas tariffs based on guidelines set by the Energy Market Authority, the gas industry regulator.

Why Singapore is Best Destination for Tourists?

Singapore offers the best in Asia while maintaining Western features that provide both comfort and security to many travelers who want to know this region of the globe but are afraid to face communication difficulties, food and transportation.

In one place you can find the best that West and East offer a welcoming atmosphere that gives all the support that the tourist needs to venture into a new destination.

What makes Singapore is such a different destination in the Asian context and the ideal gateway for which you want to venture into other corners of the vast Asian continent?

Forget about the problems with the language

 English is one of the official languages of Singapore and most of its population able to communicate using that language. Why it is easier to ask for information, understanding menus and regional food and interact with the locals.

Multiple destinations in one Place 

With a population consisting mainly of Chinese, Indians and Malays, plus many foreign (Western and Asian) who live and work in the city, Singapore offers the possibility of contact with a huge ethnic and cultural diversity. To spend the morning in a Hindu neighborhood, the afternoon in a neighborhood of strong Muslim influence and the other night where Chinese roots remain, all while speaking English, is priceless.

The National Spirit 

Few places in the world can come into contact with such culinary diversity. High Western and pan - Asian cuisine, through the food courts and street food, Singapore offers options for all tastes and budgets. Eating is a national thing in most cases does not mean spending a fortune on the pleasures of the table. For those who like Asia but still have not adapted to the food in this part of the globe, Singapore offers many western options, including major US fast food chains.
Security . Day or night, Singapore is one of the cities / safest countries in the world. No need to pretend that is not a tourist to ward off unwanted encounters. Taking the universal basic care, enjoy a trip in Singapore without any stress.

Less Chance of Displacements

The city offers a number of choices of public transport (metro, bus, taxis and water taxis) efficient, cheap and whose operation is easy to understand.
Singapore, like Japan, are noted for their cleanliness and hygiene concerns in various aspects of daily life, including control of street food. For example, Singapore manages to have the cleanest Hindu neighborhood on the planet without losing the culture, aromas and bustle of India.

A destination for everyone 

No matter whether you are traveling first class or backpacking, if a romantic destination is sought or traveling with family and children. Singapore offers attractions, meals and accommodation for all profiles. No matter what the style, there is a Singapore that goes with you.

A great metropolis that reinvents itself every day while still being green. 

No matter how many times you've been to Singapore, there will always be something new or somewhere to explore the next time you visit. The city continues to grow and add more tourist options, without ever losing the green that dominates its streets, parks and gardens.

A basis for moving forward

 In addition to being an excellent place to adapt to the new time zone and introduced to new destinations, Singapore has one of the best (if not the) best airport in the world, Changi, with numerous flight options to destinations in India, Southeast Asia and even north Asia. With a high - level of service, the city is presented as the best base for exploring the rest of Asia.

Support for the tourist

 Whether group tours or independently, on a trip for leisure or business, the tourism authorities of Singapore (the STB, Singapore Tourism Board ) and Changi Airport constantly made efforts to support the tourist. You'll find information quality and personal attention are the result of a serious work aimed to offer tourists what you need. And to provide you even more life,

The Cost of living and Studying in Singapore

Living expenses is main interest for every expatriates who left his own country under such economic conditions. If you are considering moving to study in Singapore  will recognize in this article on the cost of living in Singapore to be able to compare the cost of living in your home:


According to the statistical of Mercer which calculate the cost of living in the world, the report was published in July 2015, Singapore occupies fourth most expensive countries in terms of the cost of living for expatriates globally, and second place - after Hong Kong - at the level of Asian countries.

It will be the largest expenses most likely in exchange for rental housing and mobility by car. You can reduce rental costs by sharing an apartment with a companion housing, or search for a house offered by soothing and Development Management in Singapore. Or instead of it all, you can choose a house dwelling away from the busy center of the capital.

According to the site Xpatxperience, the cost of housing for single room for 30 minutes from the center of the capital, about $ 400 Singapore dollars. On the other hand, the cost of a luxury home ranges with four rooms and a swimming pool, inside the center of the capital, from 10,000 to 20,000 Singapore dollars. Of course, we're talking roughly; Prices may vary depending on the location and status of the house.

Public Transport:

Fortunately, public transportation is available in Singapore at a reasonable price. You can buy a car if you want, but the cost of purchasing spare parts and maintenance of cars is expensive in Singapore.

Estimates of the Ministry of Education in Singapore shows that foreign student spends 750 to $ 2000 Singaporean dollars a year, in addition to the academic program the university expenses. Statistical dating back to 2007, so it is a bit old, but still useful in Guess estimated value of the expenses you will need. In case if there was a hand covering your expenses, you'll probably need 200 to $ 300 Singapore dollars a month, according to the Ministry of Education.

Compare the cost of living in Singapore with those in your home country. Of course, the relative costs and vary depending on the people and their lifestyle, so it is important that you compared to what you spend for at home in normal circumstances. For example, in relation to the population of India, the Philippines, usually make up the cost of living in Singapore a big shock.

More Considerations:

The biggest factor contributing to the rising cost of living in Singapore is housing rent, followed by food, and school costs. Other costs, such as Internet connection and subscription television stations, does not constitute a heavy burden for most people. Giving tipping and gratuities not a behavior common in Singapore, but the item is included service fees on various services bill.

As mentioned, the size of your expenses basically depends on your lifestyle. To learn more yourself, to inspect the following sites:

  1. Availability of grocery stores FairPrice  and Cold Storage  gives information on the prices of their products electronically, you can know the average you'll spend at the grocery shopping.
  2. Then inspected the networks Singtel  and Starhub  For more information about the prices of mobile phone services.
  3. If you're a fan of the movies, you know the movie ticket prices from here .
  4. Do not forget to take into account the continuing volatility of exchange rates. Also do not forget that taxes are an important consideration. Fortunately, the tax in Singapore is relatively low compared with countries in the region, and the low is clearly more in comparison with the countries of Europe and Australia.

Tips To Save Money for Expat SG Students:

The cost of living in Singapore may be expensive for foreign students, but fortunately, you can follow some practical steps to save money during your stay, including:
  • Share your housing instead of the full rental housing units alone.
  • Look for a flat to manage sedation and development .
  • Do not live near the metro stations, and choose somewhere a little further, where you can navigate by bus.
  • Shop at grocery stores of FairPrice.
  • Instead of participating in sports club membership, visit Popular ClubFITT clubs.
  • Instead of buying books,  leased from San Bookshop, or buying used books cheaply at Bras Basah Mall.

What Are Tourist passes in Singapore?

There are some options of tourist passes in Singapore. Only one of them manages to combine the entrance to attractions with facilities in access to public transport; the rest only give access to attractions to public transport, and finally there are some that combine tourist transport with some attractions.

No single pass that allows unlimited use of public transport and also allows visit a number of attractions for the period of validity, as offered in some of the major tourist cities in the world. But still, depending on your profile, maybe some of the passes that we quote below served.

The council SINGAPORE GUIDE is: Make a list of attractions you want to visit during the time you'll be in Singapore and calculates how much would pay buying the tickets individually. Only after making this list, compares the price charged for the passes that give access to attractions.

There is no point paying more for something you will not use. For some, these countries end up not being a good business, while others are interesting for savings and comfort.

1. Passes combining access to attractions, tourist transport and public transport

The Singapore Pass is a tourist pass that combines admission to some attractions for a limited period of time (attractions, quantity and time of use depend on the purchased version) with an EZ Link card (accumulating credits that can be used to pay for public transport and other services and products).

After purchase, you have until 6 months to start using the pass (once you use it for the first time begins to count time specific validity of each pass).

What types of cards are available?

The cards are divided into Unlimited Pass (unlimited), Select Pass or passes oriented attractions in Sentosa.

Unlimited Pass . Cards that give unlimited access to attractions covered by the pass for a period of 24 or 72 hours. They are more suitable for those who want to see the most in the shortest possible time passes, as they are economically more interesting the more you use.
Select Pass . Cards that allow access to only 6 of the attractions covered by the pass (you choose which) within a maximum period of 72 hours. They are more suitable for those who want to focus on some attractions or for which does not have much time in the city.
Passes oriented attractions in Sentosa . There is a pass that gives access to a few attractions Sentosa (less than Universal Studios) and another that includes admission to Universal Studios (Monday through Friday, except holidays) and access to other four Sentosa attractions. To be used within 24 hours.
What attractions can be visited using the pass?

On the official website the list of attractions (which are not many considering the wide range of the city and not including museums and some other prominent place as the SkyPark at the resort Marina Bay Sands) and tourist transport that can be used with is the Go Singapore Pass. Attention, because some attractions or tourist transports are only covered by some countries (look at the color of the ball you're interested).

How are they used?

Depending on the attraction, you go directly to the ticket office and show to validate it in a machine. To use other must go first to one of the official shops in Orchard Road pass to remove a voucher (coupon). As some countries allow unlimited during the validity of entries and to prevent the card from being used by more than one person at the same time, there is an interval of 15 to 30 minutes (depending on the attraction) before you can get back to use.

Access to tourist transport depends on the voucher (coupon) who retires in official stores.

To access public transport, add and see the credits contained in the pass, proceed in the same way you do with a normal EZ Link card. We have more information on this page dedicated to the EZ Link card .

The pass begins to assert when used for the first time an attraction, at which time begins to count their period of validity. EZ Link function lasts 5 years.

How to buy?

The card can be purchased online on the official website of the pass, using a credit card or PayPal, and in some parts of the city as convenience stores Cheers (there's one in the basement of the terminal 3 and the other in the lobby billing terminal 1 Changi airport).

If you shop online, you must print the voucher (coupon) and change in one of the exchange points located in the Orchard Road.

2. Passes that give access to public transport

singapore tourist pass

The Singapore Tourist Pass is actually a transportation pass a tourist pass.

Is it worthwhile to pass? The pass allows you to use subways and buses unlimited Singapore. Given that public transport in the city is quite cheap, it should be performed six to eight (depending on the distance traveled) trips per day for a return pass. This website card can check their updated price and other information.

We understand that compensates much more use EZ Link card .

3. Passes for only attractions

There is a combined pass for some attractions of the island of Sentosa . We have given more details about it at the end of the page Major attractions Sentosa .

4. Passes offered by some operators of tourist transport bus rides associating or the Singapore River with entry to some attractions

The Citytours offers Singapore Citypass (which includes access to some attractions of Sentosa and attractions like the zoo, the Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park and Universal Studios) and Duck & Hippo the Singapore Pass .

RM20 Charge on Foreign Vehicles Entering through Johor from Nov 1

From Nov 1, all private vehicle with the registration number of foreigners entering Malaysia via Johor will incur a charge of roads (RC) of RM20.

From Nov 1, all private vehicle with the registration number of foreigners entering Malaysia via Johor will incur a charge of roads (RC) of RM20.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the RC system will be activated at the two entrances of land in Johor ie at the Causeway and Second Link.

According to him, the payment will be collected each time the foreign vehicles entering the country through the card system 'Touch N'Go'.

"The first step involves only the collection of foreign vehicles only and does not include motorcycles with foreign registration numbers, "he said in a statement here today.

Meanwhile, Liow urged all owners of foreign vehicles in order to register the vehicle information of each system vehicle entry Permit (VEP) to ensure smooth inflow to Malaysia as soon as the system is implemented.

"Not to be confused with RC, system VEP is a system of registration of the vehicle automatically and it is part of ongoing efforts by the government to improve the monitoring and control of the border.

Malaysia raise entry fees as in 2014 Singapore increased the VEP charge for Malaysian cars entering in Saudi Arabia to 20$.
 a spokesman for Singapore's Ministry of Transport said That " "If it discriminates against Singapore-registered vehicles, we will match it in some form."

Common Problems and Mistakes in Singapore PR Application

PR Permanent Residence is not a normal thing that anyone apply and get approved it is lot more complex and sometimes really stressful. The process is simple though just following few steps you application is ready but how you fill the application whether if its meet the standard of ICA or not obviously many of you don't know these are secrets which were known to only agents but I am giving some of those mistakes which were commonly done by most applicants which led to disapproval of application.

Some of main problems which causes disapproval of applications

1. Not all the time Singapore accepts PR application only specific numbers were allowed to get PR, such as since 2009 Singapore cuts the approval rate of applications by 50 percent which means only those applications approved which were 100% perfect on every aspect.

2. The process of application is complex Yes its is really complex but on official website of ICA they give just few simple steps as well as many other website quoted same procedure which is true. But the whole procedure is so complex that even a single mistake on Application led to disapproval.

How to Apply For Singapore PR

3. Giving Time, if you try to get hurry than this could also get your application disapprove. You need to check each and every thing in Slow manner.

How to get PR Application Approved:

1. Contacting Expert: Many applicants didn't get any suggestions form already experienced person. It is good to contact any known person who already gone through the procedure. Same thing is also provided by Agents but the suggestions are paid not free.

2. Filling of Form 4A: The main thing is filling of application if you did it wrong than it is clear that your application may get stuck. First try not to write with pen on application. Use printed text on application. As  handwriting is sometime unable to read and in case ICA didn't understand what is written they  reject PR application.
Also if the the you have to give some details on it for example people just write their Job title and leave it..This not a way you have to describe it a little bit.

3. Correctly Completion of Documents: Did not try to mix up all the document, periodically arrange things. Make separate documents such as statement of account and Income tax document.
Also those foreigner belong to countries where certificates given in native language than must translate them and attest them with concerned authorities.

4. Essential Things: Many of applicants were professions having higher salary and good job positions they need some extra documents if they apply same as ordinary persons than it may rejected by ICA.
Check Singapore Pass Status using Passport Number

5. Cover Letter: You have to submit Cover Letter called Immigration Cover Letter. This is not a job cover letter. Fill it like an immigration cover letter. Just try to tell you a difference.

6. E Appointment: one of the major and first hassle is to get E-Appointment you may get your turn approx 8 months away. So try to apply as early as possible to get e appointment.

How To Apply for Singapore Permanent Residence PR

Singapore has prolong stable economy and one of the most stable country of Asia. Singapore is increasingly attractive for businessmen and investors as well as Singapore employed huge number of expatriates having professional and technical background. One of the major thing behind attractiveness of forefinger to Singapore is Government incentives if a person is well skilled and professional than Singapore government provide him with extra incentives. PR(Permanent Residency) is one of these incentives after getting residency in Singapore one can enjoy benefits like purchasing of real estates, easy exit and entry, job security and many more benefits one can expect from a developed country.
singapore PR Application

Requirement of PR and Who can apply:

First of all you must be 18 year old and staying in Singapore on Valid Pass(Epass, SPass) etc. Another thing is that there are several schemes for becoming PR same as investors who after investing certain amount become citizen of country. A scheme called Professionals/ Technical Personnel & Skilled Worker Scheme (PTS) this scheme allows any professional, talented and skilled indivitual to become PR of Singapore also those person who make positive change in Society or work for people of Singapore and support singapore cuture could also appy for PR. Well normal individuals also apply for PR but chance for them to become PR were rare.

1. Employment Pass(EPass, SPass)
2. Wife/Spouse is Singapore Citizen(SC)/Singapore Permanent Resident(SPR)
3. Aged parents of Singapore Citizen
4. Investors
5. Children were must be unmarried and below age of 21

Global Investors program(GIP) facilitates those foreigners who were investing in Singapore, if any foreigner invests 2.5 million Singaporean dollars in to start new business or the same amount into a fund that is approved by the GIP than he is eligible for PR

Here Singapore citizen does not mean that he is citizen by birth in Singapore but those who later become SC and now want PR for their Family.

Documents Required:

To apply for any of above category you need to fill form 4 and attach all valid supporting documents with them to open the for you need to any PDF reader and you also get this Form from Permanent Resident Services Centre.

For Children:
Download FORM 4 from HERE.
To Read all official notes for application of PR as well as Document Checklists Download Explanatory Notes for FORM 4(Important)

For Aged Parents.
Download FORM 4 from HERE.
To Read all official notes for application of PR as well as Document Checklists Download Explanatory Notes for FORM 4(Important)

For Those Who Hold SPass and EPass (Applying under the Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme) 
Download Two Sets of FORM 4A from HERE one original and one photocopy
To Read all official notes for application of PR as well as Document Checklists Download Explanatory Notes for FORM 4A(Important)

Check Singapore PR Status Online


For Spouse Children Aged Parents and SPass EPass holders:

They Have to submit fully completed application along with all required documents to Permanent Residence Service Center
But you could only submit after taking  appointment you could also book E-appointment online

Address where you have to submit Application

*Permanent Resident Services Centre
5th Storey, ICA Building
10 Kallang Road
(Next to Lavender MRT station)
Singapore 208718

For Investors:
For investor singpore has special program called Global Investor Program. To apply for this program Investor have to submit application at  Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).
For further information regarding Investor Permenant Residence Visit http://www.contactsingapore.sg/GIP

Payment of Fee:

You can make payment for the following fees via NETS or Cashcard:
Entry permit : S$100
Re-Entry Permit : S$10 per year
Visa Fee : $30 per issue (for foreigners requiring a visa)

Processing time of Permanent Application:
The application may take minimum 6 months while some application requires more time to approve. But usually in a whole world residence visa takes more time to get approved. The procedure looks simple but it become lot more complex in case if application is not filled correctly.

Common Mistakes in Application of Permanent Residence

Currency Conversion and Living Expenses in Singapore

The currency of Singapore is the Singapore dollar (Singapore dollar), whose symbol is $. It is the only legal tender in the country and there wherever you find prices preceded by the symbol $ will always refer to the Singapore dollar. You find coins 5 ¢, 10 ¢, 20 ¢, 50 ¢ and $ 1 dollar bills $ 2, $ 5, $ 10, $ 50, $ 100, $ 500 and $ 1000.

When behind a price two plus signs appear, this means that the price we must add two taxes (you will find more information on taxes ). For example:

$ 21.88 ++

Attention , to avoid confusion, the Guide will use the symbol SINGAPORE SGD ahead of any value related to the currency of Singapore.

In the following link you can see the current exchange rate of the Singapore dollar against your currency:


There are many ATMs , both at the airport and in the city, from which you can withdraw money directly into Singapore dollars. Check with your bank fees, limits extraction or even unlocking the card before traveling. Policies and rates vary from bank to bank.

Exchange Offices

For those who want to change currency, there is little exchange (almost always operated by Indians) in almost all the oldest shopping centers in the city. They usually offer better exchange rates than banks. In The Arcade @ Raffles Place (which is at 11 Collyer Quay , in the financial center of Singapore), there are a dozen exchange houses next to each other. In the shopping center Lucky Plaza in Orchard region, there are also a number of exchange houses that offer good conversion rates. In the Mustafa Centre in Little India, there is also exchange house. In any of them you can get a reasonably good rate change.

Credit cards

Credit cards are accepted in almost all shops and tourist attractions. VISA and Mastercard cards are well accepted. Diners are used with some ease. In hawkers or food courts is unusual payment is accepted with credit cards. So it is always convenient to carry Singapore dollars to pay for small purchases or metro tickets.

Cost of Living:

In the Asian context, and in general, Singapore is not a cheap destination. There are many other countries in the region where you pay less for housing and major tourist attractions. Prices are generally comparable to those in Europe, with large variations.

One of the peculiarities of Singapore is offering at the same time proposals for luxury tourism and for the most economical too. Whoever wants to eat in a restaurant with Michelin stars find prices do not differ much from award - winning restaurants in Europe or America. But who wants to enjoy the culinary diversity found in hawker centers and food courts (feeding places with local food) will discover that you can eat a main course for 5 Singapore dollars.


hospitality has similar prices to those in Europe and South America.
public transport is cheap.
Ethnic food is cheap.
food in fancy restaurants is expensive.
prices are quite varied tourist attractions. A good example is the giant Ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer. It is a modern attraction that has a high price in the context of Singapore but at the time of writing is a little more expensive than the climb to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a bit cheaper than the rise to another waterwheel very similar , the London Eye and much cheaper than the ascent to Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

Internet WiFi and Mobile telephony For Tourists in Singapore

Singapore is one of the world's countries with the highest penetration of internet and mobile internet. For that reason, there are not many internet cafes as expected, almost everyone carries in his hand internet.

There are numerous access points to the internet via Wi-Fi , although it should be enough traipsing the streets to find free access points. Changi Airport gives four hours of free wifi accessibility for visitors, it is enough to approach a point of information and request a username and password to use the service.

Typically, the hotels offer free internet access.

The city is covered by a free Wi-Fi system, but you need to register first to access it. Read more about this network at the end of this text.

Mobile Phones

As international roaming costs are very high most travelers will prefer to limit their use of their phones while in Singapore. One option is to purchase a prepaid local number.

The operator StarHub and Singapore Tourism Board offer tourists the Happy Prepaid SIM for Tourists . On page is available the price and conditions of the card.

In addition to calls, it offers some very interesting benefits:

  • The card is valid for 90 days.
  • 30 MB of navigation in the following activation in the plane MaxMobile Prepaid Value Plan (can be increased over a period longer paying for blocks MB) three days.
  • unlimited browsing on the application of YourSingapore Guide (more on Resources smartphones and tablets ).
  • 500 local SMS free
  • international calls at local call charges to 18 countries and territories (Australia, Brunei, Bangladesh, Canada, China, South Korea, United States, Hong Kong, India, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Russia, Taiwan and Thailand)
  • Changi Airport

There are other operators who also offer the opportunity to buy a prepaid card. One is the M1 , which has outlets in the arrivals area of the terminals 2 and 3 of Changi Airport. The same M1 offers a prepaid SIM card with 3G Internet access, for traveling with iPads that functionality or modems using 3G cards. One of the planes offers 9 hours (30 days) or 3 consecutive days of navigation and another 1GB that can be used in up to 30 days.

Wireless @ SG

Another advantage of having a provisional number in Singapore is the possibility to register in order to use free public Wi-Fi network covering the city, the Wireless @ SG . To register (made through this page ) must have a number to receive an SMS with the key.

After receiving the key, you just have to find hotspot and to connect to Wireless @ SG. The hotspot does not have to be of the same mobile operator, since the various operators in Singapore came together to offer that service.

Ienquiry Check Singapore PR Application Status

iEnquiry is an online integrated system provided by ICA Immigration and Check Point Authority to give valuable services online. In this age of digitization many of government services related to immigration becomes online. iEnquiry by ICA Provides many enquiry services for Singapore citizens, expatriates and visitors. These services mainly related to applications that were submitted to ICA and people want to know their statuses of approval and authenticity of Application submitted. If you apply through any agent than you could also check whether the application submitted by agent is genuine or Fake.
Following were the Services Were provided by iEnquiry:
For Citizens:
Enquiry of Application for Citizenship
Enquiry of Application for Passport
Enquiry of Application for Identity Card
Enquiry of Application for Birth/Death Extract
Enquiry of Application for Search of birth/Death Extract
Enquiry of Application for APEC Business Travel Card

Permenant Residence:
Enquiry of Application for Permanent Residence
Enquiry of Application for Re Entry Permit

Enquiry of Application for Visit Pass(Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate)
Enquiry of Application for Visit Pass(long Term)
Enquiry of Application for Student's Pass
Enquiry of Application for Extension of Short Term Visit Pass
Enquiry of Application for Pre-Marriage LTVP Assessment
Enquiry of Application for Visa
Check Singapore PR Application Enquiry Online

How to to Check PR(Permanent Residence) Application Status:

1. Visit official website of ICA iEnquiry ienquiry.ica.gov.sg/public/selectService.do.
2. A page will be opened ask you to select any service for which you want to know status. All of above services were provided by ICA iEnquiry.

3. From Drop down menu Select Enquiry of Application for Permanent Residence.
Singapore PR Application Status

4. Enter NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) and date of issuance of  NRIC. OR if you don't have NRIC number than you could enter (FIN) Foreign Identification Number and Date of Birth.

5. After filling all the entries click on Submit Button.

6. Now you'll see whether your visa Application is approved or not.

Check ICA Singapore Visa Status by Passport Number

Going to Singapore than after successfully submitting of Visa Application and doing all work with help of agent or without help of any agent its time check whether your Singapore visa application is approved or not. Like most of developed countries in the world and some developing countries Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority adopt electronic means to provide useful services to visa applicants online using internet. ICA provides a very simple procedure to check Singapore visa status online just by entering your travel document number(Passport Number) and VRN visa reference number. Also keep in Mind this Visa status inquiry is only for those who applies Singapore visa electronically not manually although it is now common that most of agents usually use ICA Singapore online e services.

In case you receive you electronic Visa Paper in PDF format you could easily check the status of authenticity of the visa(FAKE or REAL). Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) website. Click on the “Status Enquiry” at the very bottom of the ICA’s page.

How to Check Singapore Visa Status on ICA SAVE:

1. First of all visit official website of ICA SAVE(Submission of Application for Visa Electronically) save.ica.gov.sg/save-public which is official website under Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority.

2. Now there are two steps for visa inquiry in first you have to fill two boxes first one with Visa Reference Number also called application reference number. In second box enter you passport number which is also sometime called travel document number. You could find these numbers in you E-Visa

3. Click on Proceed button after filing of entries.

4. At this step you see some details about application. If your application is approved a large text Visa Application Approved in Red Box is Shown.

If the result is negative such as your visa Application is unapproved fastly contact your agent or Singapore embassy in your home country.

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