Check ICA Singapore Visa Status by Passport Number

Going to Singapore than after successfully submitting of Visa Application and doing all work with help of agent or without help of any agent its time check whether your Singapore visa application is approved or not. Like most of developed countries in the world and some developing countries Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority adopt electronic means to provide useful services to visa applicants online using internet. ICA provides a very simple procedure to check Singapore visa status online just by entering your travel document number(Passport Number) and VRN visa reference number. Also keep in Mind this Visa status inquiry is only for those who applies Singapore visa electronically not manually although it is now common that most of agents usually use ICA Singapore online e services.

In case you receive you electronic Visa Paper in PDF format you could easily check the status of authenticity of the visa(FAKE or REAL). Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) website. Click on the “Status Enquiry” at the very bottom of the ICA’s page.

How to Check Singapore Visa Status on ICA SAVE:

1. First of all visit official website of ICA SAVE(Submission of Application for Visa Electronically) which is official website under Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority.

2. Now there are two steps for visa inquiry in first you have to fill two boxes first one with Visa Reference Number also called application reference number. In second box enter you passport number which is also sometime called travel document number. You could find these numbers in you E-Visa

3. Click on Proceed button after filing of entries.

4. At this step you see some details about application. If your application is approved a large text Visa Application Approved in Red Box is Shown.

If the result is negative such as your visa Application is unapproved fastly contact your agent or Singapore embassy in your home country.

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