Common Problems and Mistakes in Singapore PR Application

PR Permanent Residence is not a normal thing that anyone apply and get approved it is lot more complex and sometimes really stressful. The process is simple though just following few steps you application is ready but how you fill the application whether if its meet the standard of ICA or not obviously many of you don't know these are secrets which were known to only agents but I am giving some of those mistakes which were commonly done by most applicants which led to disapproval of application.

Some of main problems which causes disapproval of applications

1. Not all the time Singapore accepts PR application only specific numbers were allowed to get PR, such as since 2009 Singapore cuts the approval rate of applications by 50 percent which means only those applications approved which were 100% perfect on every aspect.

2. The process of application is complex Yes its is really complex but on official website of ICA they give just few simple steps as well as many other website quoted same procedure which is true. But the whole procedure is so complex that even a single mistake on Application led to disapproval.

How to Apply For Singapore PR

3. Giving Time, if you try to get hurry than this could also get your application disapprove. You need to check each and every thing in Slow manner.

How to get PR Application Approved:

1. Contacting Expert: Many applicants didn't get any suggestions form already experienced person. It is good to contact any known person who already gone through the procedure. Same thing is also provided by Agents but the suggestions are paid not free.

2. Filling of Form 4A: The main thing is filling of application if you did it wrong than it is clear that your application may get stuck. First try not to write with pen on application. Use printed text on application. As  handwriting is sometime unable to read and in case ICA didn't understand what is written they  reject PR application.
Also if the the you have to give some details on it for example people just write their Job title and leave it..This not a way you have to describe it a little bit.

3. Correctly Completion of Documents: Did not try to mix up all the document, periodically arrange things. Make separate documents such as statement of account and Income tax document.
Also those foreigner belong to countries where certificates given in native language than must translate them and attest them with concerned authorities.

4. Essential Things: Many of applicants were professions having higher salary and good job positions they need some extra documents if they apply same as ordinary persons than it may rejected by ICA.
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5. Cover Letter: You have to submit Cover Letter called Immigration Cover Letter. This is not a job cover letter. Fill it like an immigration cover letter. Just try to tell you a difference.

6. E Appointment: one of the major and first hassle is to get E-Appointment you may get your turn approx 8 months away. So try to apply as early as possible to get e appointment.

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