How To Apply for Singapore Permanent Residence PR

Singapore has prolong stable economy and one of the most stable country of Asia. Singapore is increasingly attractive for businessmen and investors as well as Singapore employed huge number of expatriates having professional and technical background. One of the major thing behind attractiveness of forefinger to Singapore is Government incentives if a person is well skilled and professional than Singapore government provide him with extra incentives. PR(Permanent Residency) is one of these incentives after getting residency in Singapore one can enjoy benefits like purchasing of real estates, easy exit and entry, job security and many more benefits one can expect from a developed country.
singapore PR Application

Requirement of PR and Who can apply:

First of all you must be 18 year old and staying in Singapore on Valid Pass(Epass, SPass) etc. Another thing is that there are several schemes for becoming PR same as investors who after investing certain amount become citizen of country. A scheme called Professionals/ Technical Personnel & Skilled Worker Scheme (PTS) this scheme allows any professional, talented and skilled indivitual to become PR of Singapore also those person who make positive change in Society or work for people of Singapore and support singapore cuture could also appy for PR. Well normal individuals also apply for PR but chance for them to become PR were rare.

1. Employment Pass(EPass, SPass)
2. Wife/Spouse is Singapore Citizen(SC)/Singapore Permanent Resident(SPR)
3. Aged parents of Singapore Citizen
4. Investors
5. Children were must be unmarried and below age of 21

Global Investors program(GIP) facilitates those foreigners who were investing in Singapore, if any foreigner invests 2.5 million Singaporean dollars in to start new business or the same amount into a fund that is approved by the GIP than he is eligible for PR

Here Singapore citizen does not mean that he is citizen by birth in Singapore but those who later become SC and now want PR for their Family.

Documents Required:

To apply for any of above category you need to fill form 4 and attach all valid supporting documents with them to open the for you need to any PDF reader and you also get this Form from Permanent Resident Services Centre.

For Children:
Download FORM 4 from HERE.
To Read all official notes for application of PR as well as Document Checklists Download Explanatory Notes for FORM 4(Important)

For Aged Parents.
Download FORM 4 from HERE.
To Read all official notes for application of PR as well as Document Checklists Download Explanatory Notes for FORM 4(Important)

For Those Who Hold SPass and EPass (Applying under the Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme) 
Download Two Sets of FORM 4A from HERE one original and one photocopy
To Read all official notes for application of PR as well as Document Checklists Download Explanatory Notes for FORM 4A(Important)

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For Spouse Children Aged Parents and SPass EPass holders:

They Have to submit fully completed application along with all required documents to Permanent Residence Service Center
But you could only submit after taking  appointment you could also book E-appointment online

Address where you have to submit Application

*Permanent Resident Services Centre
5th Storey, ICA Building
10 Kallang Road
(Next to Lavender MRT station)
Singapore 208718

For Investors:
For investor singpore has special program called Global Investor Program. To apply for this program Investor have to submit application at  Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).
For further information regarding Investor Permenant Residence Visit

Payment of Fee:

You can make payment for the following fees via NETS or Cashcard:
Entry permit : S$100
Re-Entry Permit : S$10 per year
Visa Fee : $30 per issue (for foreigners requiring a visa)

Processing time of Permanent Application:
The application may take minimum 6 months while some application requires more time to approve. But usually in a whole world residence visa takes more time to get approved. The procedure looks simple but it become lot more complex in case if application is not filled correctly.

Common Mistakes in Application of Permanent Residence

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