What Are Tourist passes in Singapore?

There are some options of tourist passes in Singapore. Only one of them manages to combine the entrance to attractions with facilities in access to public transport; the rest only give access to attractions to public transport, and finally there are some that combine tourist transport with some attractions.

No single pass that allows unlimited use of public transport and also allows visit a number of attractions for the period of validity, as offered in some of the major tourist cities in the world. But still, depending on your profile, maybe some of the passes that we quote below served.

The council SINGAPORE GUIDE is: Make a list of attractions you want to visit during the time you'll be in Singapore and calculates how much would pay buying the tickets individually. Only after making this list, compares the price charged for the passes that give access to attractions.

There is no point paying more for something you will not use. For some, these countries end up not being a good business, while others are interesting for savings and comfort.

1. Passes combining access to attractions, tourist transport and public transport

The Singapore Pass is a tourist pass that combines admission to some attractions for a limited period of time (attractions, quantity and time of use depend on the purchased version) with an EZ Link card (accumulating credits that can be used to pay for public transport and other services and products).

After purchase, you have until 6 months to start using the pass (once you use it for the first time begins to count time specific validity of each pass).

What types of cards are available?

The cards are divided into Unlimited Pass (unlimited), Select Pass or passes oriented attractions in Sentosa.

Unlimited Pass . Cards that give unlimited access to attractions covered by the pass for a period of 24 or 72 hours. They are more suitable for those who want to see the most in the shortest possible time passes, as they are economically more interesting the more you use.
Select Pass . Cards that allow access to only 6 of the attractions covered by the pass (you choose which) within a maximum period of 72 hours. They are more suitable for those who want to focus on some attractions or for which does not have much time in the city.
Passes oriented attractions in Sentosa . There is a pass that gives access to a few attractions Sentosa (less than Universal Studios) and another that includes admission to Universal Studios (Monday through Friday, except holidays) and access to other four Sentosa attractions. To be used within 24 hours.
What attractions can be visited using the pass?

On the official website the list of attractions (which are not many considering the wide range of the city and not including museums and some other prominent place as the SkyPark at the resort Marina Bay Sands) and tourist transport that can be used with is the Go Singapore Pass. Attention, because some attractions or tourist transports are only covered by some countries (look at the color of the ball you're interested).

How are they used?

Depending on the attraction, you go directly to the ticket office and show to validate it in a machine. To use other must go first to one of the official shops in Orchard Road pass to remove a voucher (coupon). As some countries allow unlimited during the validity of entries and to prevent the card from being used by more than one person at the same time, there is an interval of 15 to 30 minutes (depending on the attraction) before you can get back to use.

Access to tourist transport depends on the voucher (coupon) who retires in official stores.

To access public transport, add and see the credits contained in the pass, proceed in the same way you do with a normal EZ Link card. We have more information on this page dedicated to the EZ Link card .

The pass begins to assert when used for the first time an attraction, at which time begins to count their period of validity. EZ Link function lasts 5 years.

How to buy?

The card can be purchased online on the official website of the pass, using a credit card or PayPal, and in some parts of the city as convenience stores Cheers (there's one in the basement of the terminal 3 and the other in the lobby billing terminal 1 Changi airport).

If you shop online, you must print the voucher (coupon) and change in one of the exchange points located in the Orchard Road.

2. Passes that give access to public transport

singapore tourist pass

The Singapore Tourist Pass is actually a transportation pass a tourist pass.

Is it worthwhile to pass? The pass allows you to use subways and buses unlimited Singapore. Given that public transport in the city is quite cheap, it should be performed six to eight (depending on the distance traveled) trips per day for a return pass. This website card can check their updated price and other information.

We understand that compensates much more use EZ Link card .

3. Passes for only attractions

There is a combined pass for some attractions of the island of Sentosa . We have given more details about it at the end of the page Major attractions Sentosa .

4. Passes offered by some operators of tourist transport bus rides associating or the Singapore River with entry to some attractions

The Citytours offers Singapore Citypass (which includes access to some attractions of Sentosa and attractions like the zoo, the Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park and Universal Studios) and Duck & Hippo the Singapore Pass .

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