The S-Pass is a working Visa or Employment visa specially made for persons posses any middle level skill yet it is also relies on Scope of that skill. S-Pass profession includes technicians, supervisors, foremen, etc. Singapore Ministry of Manpower defines S-pass for middle skilled worker which means the visa is given to those having mid skill with considerable mount of Salary. S-Pass holders can work in electronics, oil, chemical, manufacturing, construction, engineering, civil and many other kinds of industry.

Lets see in detail about eligibility/Criteria of S-Pass

1. To get S-Pass Applicant must have to get Job in Singapore with salary not less the 2200 SGD.

2. The Salary must be equal to applicant skill level, work experience and other things. Also more older the applicant he must get more salary.

3. In regard of Education, According to MOM they consider applicant having technical certificates and diplomas. More the courses covering every technical field of specific profession can increase the chance to get s-pass, These certification must include a major certificate or diploma 1 year regular.

4. S-Pass is granted to those having relevant experience in his field which is might be minimum of 3 years or more. The older the worker is he has richer experience must be.

There is no Ban on any nationality to get S-Pass, it is totally relies on indivitual's certifications, experience and scope of skill. MOM receives huge applications of S-Pass from employer not all get chance to get approved. MOM considers merit and try to issue pass to only competent workers.

Employer Requirement:

Those who were hiring and applying for worker's S-Pass such as companies, organizations, individuals, must have valid account at CPF (Central Provident Fund) also the company or org must be well established and not to be in crises situation. Those who first time applying for workers s-pass must have to declare him first again to Government.

Self Assessment Tool From Ministry of Manpower:

If expatriate is still not know that if he is able to get S-Pass or not, he can take self assessment tool by MOM to get an idea. Employer can also take help from this tool to ensure that if person they hiring is eligible for getting the S-pass or not.

If Self Assessment Test shows that candidate is not eligible than it is 100 percent chance that S-Pass may rejected. In case the tool shows that candidate is eligible than the chance of getting spass is 90 percent.

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