Beware of This Fake ICA Website

Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) an official authority to handle the transactions related to Residence affairs, file a police report about a website who is gathering people information through phishing(a major term in hacking). 

The website name is Which is currently taken down by its owner after the action of ICA.

ICA said that this fake website show itself as official website and embed fake form in its page. This form then filled by people with reference number, passport number and other details, but the inputs not goes to ICA but to the owner of fake website.

Everyone especially expatriates of singapore be sure that a website they visiting is official or not.

The only website which is official is:

Any other website is nor official or not allowed to gather information form user, in case if any other is asking the information must contact ICA so that further action can be taken.

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Employment Pass (E-Pass) Lost/Stolen in Singapore

One day early in the morning, a friend called to help, ID card lost, how do? what! The following is the correct practice of being a citizen or PR in Singapore where you lost your identity card (IC) or Employment pass.

According to ICA you need to apply for New E-Pass within 7 days. If you think that ICA is not Lost but stolen than you also need to report to POLICE. It is better to go ICA office first before reporting stolen id to Police.

However, the safety is still recommended must report lost id also to police station if in case it is used by someone else to do some miserable thing, you must have proof to show to authorities to clear up your shoulders some of examples how lost id's can be used.

Example 1: a man lost his identity card, in two weeks after the discovery of someone using his identity card, to borrow money.

Example 2: one lost ID card, was taken to sign three mobile phone numbers, and later received the telecommunications company's bill, to recover thousands of dollars in telephone charges.

The E-Pass is only replaced when it is lost, stolen or damaged.

Reporting Lost ID:

ICA reporting lost official procedure.

If you think that ICA is not stolen just lost than you could directly go to ICA building.
After arriving at ICA, go to Citizen Services Center on the 3rd floor and fill in a Statutory Declaration. It includes the name, date of birth, IC number, address, contact number, and when Where lost IC, or is it lost before or not.

Download the application from here.

You can download at home to fill out the first, in case you worried about the level of English is not good enough, it is strongly recommended to do so (Note: If you have already report to the police station, than bring the report also).

A passport size of the recent (3 months) photos, pay attention to be background colored white, can not wear uniforms while taking photo.

ICA will call you in Interview and ask some questions after that you need to follow the procedure to get new card.

PR also need to bring Entry and / or Re-Entry Permits, expired or valid passports, proof of identity (if any), Malaysians need to bring the Malaysian IC.

Loss and processing time:

First lost IC
fee: 100 sgd
Processing time: 1 month

Second and after that lost IC
fee: 300 sgd
time: 3 months

From the cost and processing time, the government wants everyone to be more careful, do not think that IC lost does not matters. I will explain the procedure of getting new card by applying online and counter application Later.


If you get a new IC, the old and suddenly found, according to ICA regulations, you have bring it to ICA.

In addition to losing IC, if your IC is damaged, or to change personal information (including name, photos, etc.), you can apply for a new IC.

Is Employer have Right to Keep Worker Passport in Singapore?

Many people work in Singapore seems to be in some industries will have to handover their passport, but this is really right? Do these bosses really have the right to keep your passport?

After the news from the experts and the Singapore Ministry of Manpower: the answer is "no"

Photo: Singapore MOM

But in fact many employers in order to manage and security considerations, will help workers keep their passports; taking into account the passport is easy to lose, there are workers willing to let employers keep the passport situation.

But no matter what the way, the premise is that if the need for a passport, the employer must be unconditionally returned to the workers.

If you have any questions you can call at any time: Call MOM at 6438 5122 to get help

Singapore's Most comprehensive Recruitment Sites 2017

Kelly Services Singapore

Kelly Services in Singapore's official website. Kelly Services, the world's top five human resources solutions services company, ranked Fortune 500.


JobsCentral is Singapore's largest provider of work, education, scholarships and professional information with application resources. They have been employing units, schools, job seekers unanimously approved, to take a new way to provide professional services for everyone. They will be fully integrated products and services.

Recruitment Search Singapore

Recruitment search in Singapore. is a work search engine that supports Chinese, English and Japanese languages. they let job seekers through a simple search, from the Internet to find the amount of recruitment information to find the ideal job.

Work street Singapore

Work street in Singapore sub-station. Job Street ( is a leading network of recruiting resources in the Asia Pacific region since 1995. Work Street offers a comprehensive interactive recruitment service, international and local Asian companies can directly from its growing top talent.

Hays Singapore

Hannah's official website in Singapore. Hays, LON: HAS, is the world's leading professional recruitment group, in various industries to recruit qualified, professional and skilled proficiency of the elite, responsible for fixed positions, contract work and the task of temporary recruitment tasks. Contact Phone: +65 6303 0150

Hudson Singapore

Hooded Singapore's official website. Hudson is an award-winning human resources company that matches customers across a wide range of customers and experienced management standards. Contact Phone: +65 6 339 0355

Mercer Singapore

Mercer Singapore's official website. Mercer, founded in 1937 and headquartered in New York, USA, is the world's leading provider of consulting, outsourcing and investment services, the world's largest human resource management consulting firm, the world's largest provider of benefits outsourcing.

Paul St. that Singapore

Paul St. that Singapore company's official website. The Pasona Group, founded in 1976, is a human resources service provider that provides human resources solutions and provides temporary employee dispatch, corporate recruitment, professional outsourcing, employee life solutions, and knowledge sharing services.

Manpower Singapore Singapore

Manpower is Singapore's official website for workers and employers. Manpower, the world's leading high-level talent recommendation, professional talent recommendation, talent leader brand, was founded in February 1948, is one of the pioneers of the talent dispatch industry.

Deco Asia

Deco Group's official website in Asia. Adecco (Adecco), is a professional human resources company, founded in 1996 by the French Echo and Switzerland Adia two companies merged, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, among the top 500 in the world.

Lo Chi Heng Fu Singapore

The official website of the company. Robert Half, founded in 1948, is the world's leading professional recruitment company and the first company to provide job services for accounting, finance and banking professionals.

EFinancialCareers Singapore

EFinancialCareers in Singapore. EFinancialCareers is a professional job seeker who provides job search and recruitment information for international financial professionals. It offers employment opportunities from companies around the world, covering companies in the banking and financial sectors.

8 steps to easily go to work

1. Understand the local job market

Find out more about Singapore, its industry and its culture of work to determine where it is suitable for you.

2. Find the right job

After learning about Singapore's job prospects, it is time to start looking for a job.

3. Prepare and submit your resume

Once you decide to work for the job, you will need to start preparing your resume.

4. Participate in job interview

Once you enter the interview list, you will be notified.

5. accept work

You will need to sign a contract to receive work.

6. Receive a work visa

Your employer will apply for a work visa for you like sp ep or wp.

7. moved to Singapore

Immigration to foreign countries to live, need detailed planning.

8. Apply for permanent residence or citizenship

After working in Singapore for several years, you may qualify for permanent residence and citizenship.

Work Permit Holder Who Leave Job before 183 days have to Pay Tax

According to the Singapore laws, any WP holder that worked over 61 days but quit before the 183rd day into his job will need to pay tax. It will be taxed at 15% or progressive resident rates, whichever gives rise to a higher tax amount. Director’s fees and other income are taxed at the prevailing rate of 20%. It will be raised to 22% from the Year of Assessment 2017.

In Singapore, the number of days of employment includes weekends and public holidays. It counts towards the purpose of determining your tax residency status. For better clarity, check out the table.

And so, off days also count towards your total days of being employed. As long as you served 183 days you can go. A calendar year will only be taken into consideration. It doesn’t matter as long if you leave in January or October, as long as you can gain new employment before the last day of 2017, you are eligible to use a new WP. And you will also be able to submit this to IRAS and get back a refund. Call them at 1800 356 8300 for more info.

Just a reminder that employees who want to end their contract, they are required to write a letter of resignation to their employers. And they would need to state the date of tender. This is what you would call black and white. If both parties agree to abolish the agreement, a written agreement also need to be written. If no, MOM will be the deciding party.

How to Intregrate NFC Smart Phone with EZ - Link Card?

In Singapore, where we almost always carry ez-link card in bus, but some travelers uses another way to take in to the bus and MRT buses just by using their smart phones. This is how they do it.

From the start of march 29, 2016, Ez-link has officially announced to public of Singapore to provide a NFC Ez-Link Services. NFC means Near Field Communication which is short range wireless communication technology as compare to conventional long range WiFi technology. With NFC you can use Smart phone just like the every Ez-link card.

So if you want to put small card in pocket and use smartphone as a ez-card than you must have these two things.

1. As it is NFC service so it requires Smartphone with NFC capability.  Unfortunately, not all NFC phones can use the NFC ez-link. The following is the official support for NFC ez-link mobile phone models:

Official phone models (updated 3-2-2017)

Really you did not find the iPhone in this list. If your phone is other Android models, please do not disappoint, because the official list for a long time not updated, although many models are not in this list, but still can use NFC ez-link, such as Huawei P9, Huawei Mate8.

2. Then you need a SIM card with NFC function. The ordinary SIM card is not enough. You must go to your appropriate operator to replace a NFC-enabled SIM card.

For specific replacement information please see:


If your NFC-enabled phone and SIM card are ready, congratulations, you can start using the NFC ez-link!

Activation steps:

1. Download the EZ - Link Application from Playstore.

2. After installing Enter in to the APP, and click "Activate", and then follow the instructions to register an account.

3. Once the account is registered, go to "ez-link NFC - Manage your NFC SIM Card". You can check inside ez-link card status, transaction history, or credit card recharge.

NFC ez-link user interface

NFC ez-link card status and transaction history

Recharge interface
You're done! From tomorrow, start using mobile phone brush and MRT!

How to Retain Number While Change from Singtel to M1

Trouble came when you want to change original network and move towards new network this means that you need to give this new contact number to all of your important recipients  which become really annoying. Well we are giving the guide to change network in Singapore while retaining the original number in case of singtel to M1 transfer.

So if you changing from singtel to m1 don't need to visit singtel care center just go to m1 customer care center and the rest of procedure is easy.

It is necessary to take some personal identification to M1 shop for replacing the network operator.
If you take the Employment Pass(EP) they also need passport as well
For S-Pass they need passport and offer letter with home address written on it.
For other WP they need your passport.

After showing them your identification you need to buy M1 sim card Below screenshot is take from m1 website show how the new card costs.
The second step, the staff can help you turn the card for online operation procedures, In other words, change carriers without changing numbers, is charged 10.7 SGD.

Usually the number will be able to go on a new sim after 24 hours but, the slowest three days. During these days, incoming calls will still go through your old network, so before the number transferred to the new network, do not cancel your old contacts. That is, you must have money left in the original number, the call can be maintained. Operators will send information directly which inform the progress.

1, the balance of the original mobile phone operators can not turn on the card, it is recommended to first use the balance of the old card as far as possible, and than start the procedure to change operator.
2, Ones number is change from singtel to m1 must buy card from m1 everytime same in case of m1 to singtel transfer.

M1 Shops:

Bugis Junction Shop
200 Victoria Street,#01-81/82 Bugis Junction,Singapore 188021
Operating Hours:
10am-7pm (Mon-Fri) 10am-5pm (Sat) Closed on Sun & Public Holidays

Paragon Shop
290 Orchard Road,#B1-28/29 Paragon,Singapore 238859
Operating Hours:11am-9pm (Daily)

Requirement for Opening a Bank Account For EP, SP and Other Work Pass Holders

Expatriates who come to Singapore sometimes didn't know the requirement and conditions for making a new bank account in Singapore as well as it is obvious that every expat want to select the best possible bank in Singapore which saves their hard earned money.
Singapore's main banks are: DBS, POSB, OCBC and UOB. Other banks include CITIBANK, HSBC, STANDARD CHARTERED and bank of china.
To select the bank keep these things in mind.
Approach the best rate for minimum balance requirement, monthly income and deposit
Bank who Provides better online banking(internet/Mobile) services
Give first preference to bank having large network of ATMs
Find bank which is closest to your house or working area.

For your convience I am giving conditions about the most commonly used banks that are DBS (POSB), UOB and OCBC which were mostly used by my job fellows also.

The first one here to tell you about DBS(POSB) requirements

If you are WP WP, you need the following conditions

1. Deposit Amount Account NA (No minimum deposit is required based on information provided by staff)
2. Monthly account must be: $ 500 Singapore Dollars ($ 2 per month if it does not reach $ 500)

PS: This is a special point is that if you are completely new comer to singapore(meaning that just arrived in Singapore to work), your company after getting your work permit can apply for your payroll account at POSB by apply online on

SP, and the conditions of the EP are the same with the WP

DBS lines: 1800 111 1111

The second commonly used is UOB Bank

If you are holding a WP work permit, the conditions of trouble than the DBS, the need for the following conditions

1. Deposit amount: $ 1,000 SGD
2. Monthly account must have: $ 500 Singapore Dollars ($ 2 per month if it does not reach $ 500) This is the same as DBS

3. Required documents: passport, work permit, water and electricity bills or telephone list (any document that prove home address) can be

SP, and the conditions of the EP are the same with the WP

UOB Line: 1800 222 2121

The third commonly used is OCBC Bank

If you are holding a WP work permit,

1. Deposit Amount Account: $ 1,000
2. Monthly account must be: $ 1,000 Singapore Dollars ($ 2 per month if it does not reach $ 1,000) This is higher than DBS and UOB

3. Required documents: passport, work permit, water and electricity bills or telephone list (any document that prove home address).

SP, and the conditions of the EP are the same with the WP

OCBC Line: 1800 363 3333

If you find it useful, please share it

* All decisions will ultimately depend on the banks

2017 New Rental regulations: Casual rental is illegal

Singapore Just announced a new private home rental law: from now on, if your private house rental period is less than 6 months , then you are illegal, unless you have URA (Urban Renewal Authority) special certification!

The latest Act 2017 Singapore Condo New Rules

Limitation for rentals

A  private house with no relatives of each other must be less than or equal to 6 people (Prior to the law provides for eight individuals), if more than the number of rental housing will be regarded as illegal business dormitory . The owner will be fined up to  Singaporean $ 500,000 or imprisoned (the previous law provides for S $ 200,000).

After the two laws issued, you dare to rent it illegal?

Reasons for the introduction of the new law:

It is reported that the reason why the Parlimant to launch the two decrees, mainly because last year the public complaints of short-term rent increases, URA in 2016, received a total of 608 complaints, compared with 377 in 2015 more 61%!

In addition to private residential property, the latest Act also gives the URA more power to monitor the work of estate developers, and strive to make the new buildings more suitable for people to live in and out.

The URA is also considering a new category of homes to allow short-term rentals, but the shortest lease for all private homes is still required to be no less than six months prior to the current program.

Private rental for the relevant issues, we can refer to the following:

Q1.If I rent a house through Airbnb and other sites short-term illegal?

Since the house must be tenable for six months, it is not currently permitted by law, regardless of how popular these short-term rental media are. Under the Planning Act, the illegal rental of private property owners will face a maximum penalty of 40000 s$, or imprisonment up to 12 months, or both.

Q2. Do I need to check my tenant's identity and personal documents?

Whether or not a homeowner has a housing agent, he should obtain tenants and other household documents and information. These documents include passports, work permits, employment permits, etc., and the owner should keep a photocopy.

In order to avoid offenses of harboring illegal immigrants, it is best for the owner to personally verify the identity of the tenant and to ensure the authenticity of the information. Homeowners can check whether tenants are legally residing using the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website, and check the validity of the work permit and Dependent Pass (DV) of the tenants at the Ministry of Manpower website.

According to the Immigration Act, anyone who leases a home to overstayers or illegal immigrants may be liable to imprisonment for a term of up to two years or a fine of up to $ 6,000, or both.

Q3. Can my tenant sublet the house to another tenant?

No. As a matter of fact, the general tenancy will stipulate that the tenant can not sublet or sublet the house, and the house is for residential use only. The homeowner must be aware of who lives in the house and whether the tenant is legally using it.

Once the tenant sublet or sublet the house, the owner of the house control may be "out of control"  If the house become illegal use, or illegal rent, the owner should take legal responsibility.

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Dropshipping Business Partner Programs in Singapore

If you have a blog or any other platform especially related to Shopping in Singapore but you don't have your own inventory to boost earning by selling the products from inventory than Dropshipping is an option that would be used to sell related products to your blog niche without having you own storage room. In Another perspective if you made your Own online Store Website but not have investment to buy and sell the products than dropshipping is a way to bring profits from your store.

What is DropShipping:

Dropshipping is actually business model followed by Bloggers and Online Store Owners to get income without investing in building, maintenance, managing of own inventory. Dropshipping Simply ended the need of heavy startup investments, also the whole model is clean and simple you don't need to go to training for dropshipping business in singapore.

How Dropshipping Works:

Before starting the dropshipping you must have a good and well-trafficked website or store. You need to find partners or other Online wholesalers who provide dropshipping, there are local and international companies that offers dropshipping but it is better to chose local one. After finding them you need to register their dropshipping program.
After successfully registering with them search their inventory of products and find best suitable products for your business category and place them to your website, blog, shopping website.
But to get profits from product you need to set higher price of product than original price.
The original amount is fully goes to your partner which they get back from you before or after the product is sold, only the profit set by you is given to you.
Dropshipping company partner relation will keep in contact with for payments.

DropShipping in Singapore:

Wether you are a mom, father, employee, employer or whatever in case you got extra time you find lot ways to earn some extra cash online. Singapore has lot of oppurtunities to those who want to start their passive income from Online Business. Dropshipping is not a "1st Options" but those who knows the tricks of Dropshipping can grow their from medium to high. To start dropshipping in singapore you need a platform(Blog, Website) which get traffic from Singapore.

Which Companies Provide Dropshipping Patnership in Singapore:

BlogShop Singapore:

This Shop as its name suggests is made for those who use blogging for Shopping and provide shopping blogs owners products with less price so that they could sell online on their own blog. But it also allows normal shopper to buy and pay online.
Well I don't try their dropshipping program I reach them due to their Good ranking on Google which also show us How they were popular in Singapore. Their dropshipping program is free and you don't need to pay before becoming their partner.
Find More about their Dropshipping program here.

International Dropshipping:

If you planning for something big like selling bulk of items to other whole-sellers in Singapore using dropshipping than try any international level of dropshipping service. It is not easy to find suppliers especially int ones, can help you to find international dropshipers.

For Singapore Find all suppliers here

Shopify Dropshipping:

A snowboard selling company turn into online store builder and almost generate 24billion USD worth of sales from 2006 just by giving service to other online e-commerce website owners. They provide dropshipping service with more convenient way as they are themselves belong to give service related to building of online stores.

Find out more about their dropshipping program and start with 14 days trial here.

There are other verified dropshipper can be chosen
WorldWide Brands
Wholesale Deals

Always remember must select the most verified supplier.


No country in world that provides such tremendous rights to employees other than Singapore which also one of the top 10 country for Expatriates workers. Singapore is currently signing the international level of trade agreement such as Trans-Pacific Partnership which is a free trade agreement between 12 countries which will attract business investment in Singapore. These changes in labour laws of 2016 and 2017 can give wider benefits to employees so that the competitive environment should remain between employers. The trade agreements double the business which attract more and more employer in Singapore.


Labour law amendments are already started from last year 2016 and there many more change were coming in this year 2017. Well we see both of them which were already implemented and which will come in next few months of this year.

Singaporean Labour law changes already in force 2016

1. Giving Information to Employees:

From 1 April 2016 employer must give his employees information about following two things
i. Information related to wage and paid; during leave, daily wage, sick leave pay annual leave pay, minimum wage etc
ii. Statement of Key Employment Terms Written in Contract, probationary period terms etc

2. Record for Employees:

From 1 April 2016 employer must maintained the employment record of employees covered by Singapore employment act.
These records includes: 
Duration of Breaks
Working hours
Public  Holidays details
These records must be maintained for two years,
Do you know the Annual and Sick Leaves in Singapore Labour Laws

Singaporean Labour law changes in 2017 coming Soon

Paternity Leaves:

From January 2017 the paternity leave for father is increased from 1 week to 2 weeks.  To become eligible for this leave employee must be married with mother of infant and the infant is mandatory to be SG citizen.
The paternity leave is paid leave in which SGD 25,000 will be given to employee. The pay during this leave is then given back by government to employer.

Increasing the salary requirement for getting E Pass:

From January 1st 2017 the minimum salary which employer must pay to employee in order to get E Pass is increased from SGD 3,300 to 3,600 Singaporean dollar
The government do this to make the balance between salaries of locals and expatriate workers.
Do You Know The Complete List of Professions that were eligible to get E-Pass

Maternity Leave:

There are two schemes applied to paternity and maternity leave that were Employment Act and the CDCA, these leaves is given to employees having  service of more than 3 months.
Under CDCA female employee getting paid leaves if her baby is a Singaporean citizen and she is at the time is married with baby father.

From early 2017 the requirement of parent to be married in order to get leave is removed

New Employment Claims Tribunal from April 2017

The new tribunal is sets up for employee having salary related claim of up to SGD 20,000. The tribunal is called Employment Claims Tribunal (ECT).
The ECT replaces the labour court for hearing of contract related salary claims
This tribunal  will have more and wider jurisdiction to hear the employee under employment Act, and also for professionals having salary more than 4500SGD.

Older workers can work until age 67 from July 2017

Employers won't be allowed to cut salary of staff who turn 60, when employee reached at the age of 62 (The minimum retirement age) or any other retirment age that is defined in contract. The employer must have to offer the older employer to renew contract up to the age of 65 only if:
  • the employee works or starts the work for 3 years before the age of 55
  • he/she is a citizen or PR of singapore
  • employee is medically fitness on satisfactory level
The another major change will come on July 2017 when employee can re-employee upto 67 year of age.

Leave for Female Employees who adopt the child

Under Child Development Co-Savings Act(CDCA) female worker if adopt the child under 12 month age than she is entitled for four weeks leaves but she is must be married, and anyone from father adopted child or she himself must be a citizen of singapore.
The employer must give him paid leave of SGD 10,000 during the four weeks. The pay during this leave is then given back by government to employer.

From July 2017  the time period for adoption leave is increased to 12 weeks and employer is not given with reimbursement of first 4 weeks.


There are many professions related Managerial executes roles that were eligible to get Singapore Employment Pass(E-Pass) I am also mentioning that Singapore E- Pass is different from S-Pass which is eligible for technical workers also the eligibility to get E-Pass is minimum salary of 3,600 Singapore Dollar. In some cases if employer apply for S-Pass may got accepted for E-Pass due to higher salary.
Well Singapore Ministry of Manpower give the list of occupations and professions that were allowed to get E-Pass. Every employer must take consideration from this list before applying for employee pass this helps him to chose the possible pass for an employee.

The whole list is taken from Ministry of Manpower Website: These are few professions, the list contains almost thousands of professions. download full A-Z list and select the closest match for the candidate's occupation.


The profession you applying not might have same name but find possible match from the list of professions.


Employer need to pay levy for their foreign workers permits to MOM Singapore every month. S Pass levies can also be paid by General Inter-bank recurring order GIRO but if you don't have GIRO account you can try some other methods to pay levies of S Pass work permits. If you don't know how must levy you have to pay Read the details about S Pass Quota and Levies.

Method 1: Using GIRO 

GIRO allows to pay levy without any hassle. After registereing GIRO account every month the levy of each worker is automatically deducted from your bank account to this you need to Fill the CPF Giro Application From and send in Mail to this address.

Tampines Central P.O. BOX 171 Singapore 915206
Download the GIRO Application

After registering you can check the status of Giro Application Online using your
CPF Account Number / NRIC Number or  CPF Submission Number

Check the Status of GIRO Application

Method 2: Singpost

To pay using Singpost you also need previous Bill to print the bill you need to register with MOM Services
After printing the bill pay the levy and any singpost branch.

Method 3:Cheque

Write a crossed cheque, made payable to “CPF Board”.
Write the CPF Submission Number, employer’s name and contact number on the back of the cheque.
Use the return envelope provided and post the cheque and payment slip in your latest bill.
Address Foreign Worker Levy
Robinson Road P.O. Box 2052
Singapore 904052

Method 4: AXS or SAM machine (for FDW employers only)

Pay to CPF Board by using NETS

S Pass Levy Rate and Quota

Any employer in Singapore if want to hire foreign workers than he must do it according to quota given to him as well as he must liable to pay monthly fee "levy" for each worker. Foreign worker levy allow Singapore government t regulate the number of workers in Singapore by using prizing and fee.

Every employer who hires worker from abroad on S Pass must liable to pay the fee from starting of worker job until the end of his service. From S Pass issued to S Pass expiry.

The payment of these levies can be paid from General Interbank Recurring Order(GIRO)

Quota for Employers: 

Any employer who didn't till apply for any foreign worker permit or s pass than he first need to declare his business activity in Singapore and than calculate the quota.
According to MOM the quota is
15% percent of company total workforce(SERVICES SECTOR)
20% percent for all other departments/sectors
Ministry of Manpower given Online Calculator to calculate how much workers you apply, levies etc
Those employer who want to hire more foreign worker must first have to increase the local workforce

Rate of Levy for Services Sector:

IF your service sector employees consists of 10% foreign workers than monthly levy fee is $330 and daily $10.85
If its exceeds 10% to 15% than monthly levy is 650$ and 21.37$ monthly.

Rate of Levy for other sectors excluding Services Sectors

IF any other sector employees consists of 10% foreign workers than monthly levy fee is $330 and daily $10.85
If its exceeds 10% to 20% than monthly levy is 650$ and 21.37$ monthly.

NOTE: The s pass quota is counted within equal to work permit quota for all sectors
Daily levy rate is applicable only to worker on daily basis
Th daily levy calculation ca be done by Monthly levy rate x 12) / 365 = rounding up to the nearest cent.

How to Top Up Singtel Prepaid Sim Card

Singtel one of the largest list companies on Singapore exchange brings you the exiting online top up with automated top up option. Self Service provided by singtel allows prepaid sim card users to do things yourself using your laptop, computer and Mobile phone. Don't need t visit any thing top up account at your own convenience. To use the top up service its require to make hi! Account. Singtel gives 500MB free Local data whenever Prepaid user top up his account minimum of 10SGD using hi! account.

Top up with Credit Card or eNets 

One of the thing in this service I like is logging in to account just require your Singtel Number.
First of all visit and just enter your number in "Quick Top Up" and click on Top up now.
Singtel bring you to an interface where Click on TOP UP NOW as shown above
Enter the number in which you want to top up the balance
There are several top up offers were given select preferred one and move forward for payment.
Select payment options: Credit Card or Enets Internet Banking.
Fill the detail related to Credit Card type, name on card, expiry date, and code on back of the card.
After giving credit card details and processing. A message will be shown ones the top up is successfully purchased. Enjoy your singtel connection, if you don't want to repeat the procedure again and again try Singtel Automated top up option.

Donation of Old Clothes, Toys and Other Stuff in Singapore

Want to donate you old items of closet or store in Singapore than some of below places might help you. No matter what you do with Clothes, they are temporary shopping accessories. Some People tries to save and take care of their most favorite clothes but still they become rough or obviously size become smaller or sometimes bigger.

One of the main problem of keep those old clothes is handling their space. Whenever you shop for new clothes you need to clear up space from them in wardrobe. If this problems occurs people through the old clothes in Garbage or sometime reuse them but instead of doing this first think about million of people around you who don't afford branded/designer clothes even they don't have normal clothing and donate these old item to charities I show you below.

1. Minds Shop
Instead of giving money directly to people teaching them skills with practical knowledge is a better way to help them so that they earn themselves. Mind(Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore)  Thrift shop is shop for disables having Intellectual Problems here they teach them to learn some essential skill from the money they get by selling old clothes donated by people.

2. Blessing in Bag Singapore:
The Non-Profit Charity is founded by Local Radio Dj Emily Teng which delivers donated items such as clothes, school accessories, daily household things, kids products to poor and rural area of Asia under-develop countries. They org called these items as blessing for people who get them. From March 2015 Blessing in Bag getting donation in all kind of work. During the situation of natural disaster also helps the effectees. You can follow them on Facebook page for more updates.

3. H&M Conscious Movement:
H&M is a popular clothing store company based in Switzerland. Most of you remeber their name but you don't know about their H&M Conscious Movement which tells people Don't Let Fashion Go to Waste. According to H&M old clothes dumped in to wastelands are 95% reusable. H&M tries to reduce the environmental impact of clothing industry by recycling them, these clothes made in to other items or donated to charities. Moreover people who donate these clothes also get discount voucher for next purchase from H&M.

4. SCWO New2u Thrift Shop:
New2u Thrift Shop is maintained and Run by Singapore Council of women's Organisations(SCWO). Their clothing stores are unique in many ways their store provide very affordable clothing especially to those working in Singapore as expatriates having really less income. They have every item from Old styled frocks, formal blazers to designer suits. They give the prizes in the range of customers, every tuesday is student discount.  The old clothes are in very best condition with prize tag of less than a dollar.  These items are all donated ones and anyone can donate them. They accept men, women and children clothing with other items such as shoes, toys, old books, , crockery and utensils. Their items were written with Donation for New2u. 
Collection by selling these items donated to Star Shelter a refuge center for women and children having cases of violence and some other SCWO charity intiatives.

5. Donating Toys to "Toys From The Heart":
Our child grows up one day and they fed up with Toys So it is better to give excitement to other children just by Donating them to Needy kids of Singapore. Toys from the heart is program created by Food from the heart who also distrube unused Food or bread. Contact them on 6280 4498 they usually take toys donation on Monday.

The above are not the main ones just for understanding the concept behind donation of old clothes and other items here are some more where Singaporeans can donate their pre-loved stuff:
6) Metta Welfare Association
7) The Salvation Army

8) Pass it On

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