Donation of Old Clothes, Toys and Other Stuff in Singapore

Want to donate you old items of closet or store in Singapore than some of below places might help you. No matter what you do with Clothes, they are temporary shopping accessories. Some People tries to save and take care of their most favorite clothes but still they become rough or obviously size become smaller or sometimes bigger.

One of the main problem of keep those old clothes is handling their space. Whenever you shop for new clothes you need to clear up space from them in wardrobe. If this problems occurs people through the old clothes in Garbage or sometime reuse them but instead of doing this first think about million of people around you who don't afford branded/designer clothes even they don't have normal clothing and donate these old item to charities I show you below.

1. Minds Shop
Instead of giving money directly to people teaching them skills with practical knowledge is a better way to help them so that they earn themselves. Mind(Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore)  Thrift shop is shop for disables having Intellectual Problems here they teach them to learn some essential skill from the money they get by selling old clothes donated by people.

2. Blessing in Bag Singapore:
The Non-Profit Charity is founded by Local Radio Dj Emily Teng which delivers donated items such as clothes, school accessories, daily household things, kids products to poor and rural area of Asia under-develop countries. They org called these items as blessing for people who get them. From March 2015 Blessing in Bag getting donation in all kind of work. During the situation of natural disaster also helps the effectees. You can follow them on Facebook page for more updates.

3. H&M Conscious Movement:
H&M is a popular clothing store company based in Switzerland. Most of you remeber their name but you don't know about their H&M Conscious Movement which tells people Don't Let Fashion Go to Waste. According to H&M old clothes dumped in to wastelands are 95% reusable. H&M tries to reduce the environmental impact of clothing industry by recycling them, these clothes made in to other items or donated to charities. Moreover people who donate these clothes also get discount voucher for next purchase from H&M.

4. SCWO New2u Thrift Shop:
New2u Thrift Shop is maintained and Run by Singapore Council of women's Organisations(SCWO). Their clothing stores are unique in many ways their store provide very affordable clothing especially to those working in Singapore as expatriates having really less income. They have every item from Old styled frocks, formal blazers to designer suits. They give the prizes in the range of customers, every tuesday is student discount.  The old clothes are in very best condition with prize tag of less than a dollar.  These items are all donated ones and anyone can donate them. They accept men, women and children clothing with other items such as shoes, toys, old books, , crockery and utensils. Their items were written with Donation for New2u. 
Collection by selling these items donated to Star Shelter a refuge center for women and children having cases of violence and some other SCWO charity intiatives.

5. Donating Toys to "Toys From The Heart":
Our child grows up one day and they fed up with Toys So it is better to give excitement to other children just by Donating them to Needy kids of Singapore. Toys from the heart is program created by Food from the heart who also distrube unused Food or bread. Contact them on 6280 4498 they usually take toys donation on Monday.

The above are not the main ones just for understanding the concept behind donation of old clothes and other items here are some more where Singaporeans can donate their pre-loved stuff:
6) Metta Welfare Association
7) The Salvation Army

8) Pass it On

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