How to Top Up Singtel Prepaid Sim Card

Singtel one of the largest list companies on Singapore exchange brings you the exiting online top up with automated top up option. Self Service provided by singtel allows prepaid sim card users to do things yourself using your laptop, computer and Mobile phone. Don't need t visit any thing top up account at your own convenience. To use the top up service its require to make hi! Account. Singtel gives 500MB free Local data whenever Prepaid user top up his account minimum of 10SGD using hi! account.

Top up with Credit Card or eNets 

One of the thing in this service I like is logging in to account just require your Singtel Number.
First of all visit and just enter your number in "Quick Top Up" and click on Top up now.
Singtel bring you to an interface where Click on TOP UP NOW as shown above
Enter the number in which you want to top up the balance
There are several top up offers were given select preferred one and move forward for payment.
Select payment options: Credit Card or Enets Internet Banking.
Fill the detail related to Credit Card type, name on card, expiry date, and code on back of the card.
After giving credit card details and processing. A message will be shown ones the top up is successfully purchased. Enjoy your singtel connection, if you don't want to repeat the procedure again and again try Singtel Automated top up option.

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