Employment Pass (E-Pass) Lost/Stolen in Singapore

One day early in the morning, a friend called to help, ID card lost, how do? what! The following is the correct practice of being a citizen or PR in Singapore where you lost your identity card (IC) or Employment pass.

According to ICA you need to apply for New E-Pass within 7 days. If you think that ICA is not Lost but stolen than you also need to report to POLICE. It is better to go ICA office first before reporting stolen id to Police.

However, the safety is still recommended must report lost id also to police station if in case it is used by someone else to do some miserable thing, you must have proof to show to authorities to clear up your shoulders some of examples how lost id's can be used.

Example 1: a man lost his identity card, in two weeks after the discovery of someone using his identity card, to borrow money.

Example 2: one lost ID card, was taken to sign three mobile phone numbers, and later received the telecommunications company's bill, to recover thousands of dollars in telephone charges.

The E-Pass is only replaced when it is lost, stolen or damaged.

Reporting Lost ID:

ICA reporting lost official procedure.

If you think that ICA is not stolen just lost than you could directly go to ICA building.
After arriving at ICA, go to Citizen Services Center on the 3rd floor and fill in a Statutory Declaration. It includes the name, date of birth, IC number, address, contact number, and when Where lost IC, or is it lost before or not.

Download the application from here.


You can download at home to fill out the first, in case you worried about the level of English is not good enough, it is strongly recommended to do so (Note: If you have already report to the police station, than bring the report also).

A passport size of the recent (3 months) photos, pay attention to be background colored white, can not wear uniforms while taking photo.

ICA will call you in Interview and ask some questions after that you need to follow the procedure to get new card.

PR also need to bring Entry and / or Re-Entry Permits, expired or valid passports, proof of identity (if any), Malaysians need to bring the Malaysian IC.

Loss and processing time:

First lost IC
fee: 100 sgd
Processing time: 1 month

Second and after that lost IC
fee: 300 sgd
time: 3 months

From the cost and processing time, the government wants everyone to be more careful, do not think that IC lost does not matters. I will explain the procedure of getting new card by applying online and counter application Later.


If you get a new IC, the old and suddenly found, according to ICA regulations, you have bring it to ICA.

In addition to losing IC, if your IC is damaged, or to change personal information (including name, photos, etc.), you can apply for a new IC.

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