How to Intregrate NFC Smart Phone with EZ - Link Card?

In Singapore, where we almost always carry ez-link card in bus, but some travelers uses another way to take in to the bus and MRT buses just by using their smart phones. This is how they do it.

From the start of march 29, 2016, Ez-link has officially announced to public of Singapore to provide a NFC Ez-Link Services. NFC means Near Field Communication which is short range wireless communication technology as compare to conventional long range WiFi technology. With NFC you can use Smart phone just like the every Ez-link card.

So if you want to put small card in pocket and use smartphone as a ez-card than you must have these two things.

1. As it is NFC service so it requires Smartphone with NFC capability.  Unfortunately, not all NFC phones can use the NFC ez-link. The following is the official support for NFC ez-link mobile phone models:

Official phone models (updated 3-2-2017)

Really you did not find the iPhone in this list. If your phone is other Android models, please do not disappoint, because the official list for a long time not updated, although many models are not in this list, but still can use NFC ez-link, such as Huawei P9, Huawei Mate8.

2. Then you need a SIM card with NFC function. The ordinary SIM card is not enough. You must go to your appropriate operator to replace a NFC-enabled SIM card.

For specific replacement information please see:


If your NFC-enabled phone and SIM card are ready, congratulations, you can start using the NFC ez-link!

Activation steps:

1. Download the EZ - Link Application from Playstore.

2. After installing Enter in to the APP, and click "Activate", and then follow the instructions to register an account.

3. Once the account is registered, go to "ez-link NFC - Manage your NFC SIM Card". You can check inside ez-link card status, transaction history, or credit card recharge.

NFC ez-link user interface

NFC ez-link card status and transaction history

Recharge interface
You're done! From tomorrow, start using mobile phone brush and MRT!

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