Beware of This Fake ICA Website

Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) an official authority to handle the transactions related to Residence affairs, file a police report about a website who is gathering people information through phishing(a major term in hacking). 

The website name is Which is currently taken down by its owner after the action of ICA.

ICA said that this fake website show itself as official website and embed fake form in its page. This form then filled by people with reference number, passport number and other details, but the inputs not goes to ICA but to the owner of fake website.

Everyone especially expatriates of singapore be sure that a website they visiting is official or not.

The only website which is official is:

Any other website is nor official or not allowed to gather information form user, in case if any other is asking the information must contact ICA so that further action can be taken.

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